Satyam Chaudhary


What are middlewares in express

Middleware is a simple javascript function with three parameters request, response and next Apart from handling http request it can perform the following tasks: Manipulate request and response objects Perform isolated tasks Terminate request flow by sending response Pass the control to another middleware We load middleware...



.call() vs .apply() vs .bind()

To start with lets suppose we have a function getCount as defined below- [code lang="html"]function getCount(a,b,c){ return this.count + a + b + c; }[/code] To provide different scope at the time of "getCount" function execution. We generally use these functions 1- .call(): [code lang="html"] var obj1 = { count: 10 }; ...



How to use Grunt in existing project

I am very glad to explain about the Grunt, because i feel it makes my life easy. Always keep in mind, use your valuable time in creative activities, not in repetitive and boring tasks in web development. In this context, grunt is very helpful for everyone. So, a basic question is "What is Grunt?" It is a task runner. Through...



Managing parallel versions of multiple Grails SDK(Software Development Kits) on Unix based systems by GVM

Sometimes we face a problem with our grails system, means we have many applications to work with which are built using different grails versions. So switching between grails version is a terrible task, like switching symbolic links or changing GRAILS_HOME environment variable each time when we run our different application.   How...