Shivang Goel

Android, Mobility

Constraint Layout Android

Constraint Layout allows the android developers to create large and complex User Interfaces without using nested view groups. It involves simple drag and drops view widgets from the Palette to the designer editor to create the user interface. In an Android app development, it provides a level of flexibility that supports many features of...


Front End Development, Mobility

Working With React Native : Part#1

Introduction React is based on JavaScript created by a collaboration of Facebook and Instagram, It was introduced in 2013. Its main focus is to allow developers to create front-end interfaces easily and rapidly. React isn’t a complete framework. It does not offer various components you’ll find in projects based on Ember or Angular...


Android, Technology

Android Permission System And Case Study

How to work with Android Permission System in Android M To protect the android system and the user's privacy, Android system runs each application in a limited access sandbox. If the application wants to use resources or information outside of its sandbox, the application has to explicitly request permission. Depending on the type of...


Android, Technology

Gradle Android Studio

  Gradle Android Studio  Introduction: Gradle is an automated build toolkit that can integrate into lots of different environments, via plugins. Minimize Configuration Required for New Projects: Gradle has a set of default configuration settings that are automatically applied to every project you create in Android Studio. If...