Shreya Agrwal

Android, Automation Testing

Top 5 Mobile-Testing Strategies

Testing a mobile application is often challenging as compared to web application mainly due to the various factors affecting the behavior of the application. Some of these factors include different operating systems and their versions, different screen sizes and different networks. In this challenging phase of planning and testing a...


Automation Testing, Front End Development

5 Things To Know Before You Start API Testing

As you might be aware, API  stands for Application Program Interface. As the name suggests, it acts like an interface between the user and the application. APIs are mainly responsible for the data exchange services between the two different software. Software testing is complicated and challenging. It is therefore essential to...


Automation Testing, Technology

Automation Testing: A must for Agile

As we all know, Agile Development is far different from the traditional development methods majorly because of its flexibility to adapt frequently changing requirements. In Agile, the test subject is continuously refined over the various sprints/iterations, and, therefore, continuous automation has become a necessity. Although continuous...