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YouTube Player Integration in Android

YouTube allows you to play it's video in your app using the youtube player. It also provides data APIs to put like, dislike, or rate comments on a video. To integrate youtube player you need API key from google console and you can get it using following steps: 1. Get SHA1 fingerprint first by executing "keytool -list -v -keystore...


Android, Technology

PercentRelativeLayout in Android

During most of the android design and development , we mainly use three types of layout: LineraLayout ,RelativeLayout, FrameLayout. And for creating complex view we use weight property to distribute view across screens. But while using weights you must have noticed that we have to add a default container view to encapsulate our child...



Integrating google maps in android.

Following blog talks about integrating Google Map into your Android applications - It's easy to integrate google maps in android app, Infact the only thing you need is an API KEY from google and you can have it in few steps as follows -: SignIn to your Google Account and Open google developer console by visting...



Working with Graphical Data in Android.

Sometimes we need to show data in forms of charts which i think is a better way of presenting results.Use aChartEngine. aChartEngine is a library to make charts in android apps. it gives you the same look and feel like googleCharts with an advantage as internet is not necessary. Kinds of charts you can prepare using it are - ...