Vibhor Kukreja

Node.js, Technology

Caching in NodeJs using Redis

Whenever we talk about nodejs development, the first thing that comes to our mind is managing concurrent requests in an efficient way. We can leverage our server performance and efficiency even more by providing a mechanism to cache it's processed data(response) which seldomly changes. Such as products list, country codes, application...



Deep dive into CSS Pseudo Elements.

We all are familiar with the Pseudo classes that css provides us to target certain elements that matches up certain criteria or state. And they are signified by a single colon followed by the pseudo class. Syntax for pseudo class: [code]selector:pseudo-class { property:value; }[/code] Some of the basic examples of pseudo...


AngularJS, Front End Development

Manually Bootstrapping an AngularJS Application

We always need some mechanism to control our front-end application at the time when we bootstrap it. Getting some customization done before kicking in the angular on the front end, can be a desired use case for some of the Angular Applications. It is mainly needed when we have to redirect to an Angular application from some other social...



Configurable Service in AngularJS

Angular provide services for handling non-view logic, communication with server(back-end) and can holds data & state. These services are singleton objects that can be used to share and organize code. For doing so, angular provides us five cool ways to make a service on the bases of once need. Following are the five approaches that...



Async module for node.js

In our node js application, sometimes we have to execute functions either synchronously or asynchronously. To achieve so , we have a node js module "async" that helps us to push down our functions in an array, so that we can execute them as per the need of the project. Installation Part: Run this command to install the "async" module...