Vivek Dhiman


Access Content Repository via getServiceResourceResolver() in AEM6/Sling7

JCR Sessions and Sling Based Authentication are always the important in code where someone need to get an access of the Content Repository. But this same way to get an access over content repository was remains controversial due to its administrative privileges . So with the new AEM6 version below methods have been deprecated to get an...



Integrating Salesforce with CQ5

Adobe AEM provide its extendable capabilities to integrate  with other products. Below demonstration describe how to connect Adobe CQ5 with Salesforce which is the market’s leading cloud based CRM System. CQ5 provide OOTB components for the integration purpose. It helps the organization to target the customers through web channels as...



YouTube Integration with CQ5

Managing multimedia content to any large scale website is much complicated if the content is dynamic and needs to be changed at regular intervals. Integration of YouTube with CQ5 is one of the use case which can help authors to manage the channel specific videos for particular page related with particular channel. Below is the snapshot...