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FE-Conf is Back: A Leading Conference on Frontend and UX Technologies

FE-Conf is one of the biggest conference happening in India on state-of-the-art Frontend and UX technologies. After the success of FE-Conf 2016, we are proud to host FE-Conf 2017 - A Frontend Engineers Meet organized by TO THE NEW. Our last conference had an amazing feedback and it helped people to find new ideas, learn from...

by Kavita Upadhyay
Tag: action of controller from string value


Annotation for checking required session fields

Recently I worked on a project where I used spring security plugin. Its a very wonderful plugin for making your application secured from unauthorized users. It gives you a simple annotation @Secured to add security to your action and controller. Thats the first time I got to know the real use case of annotation. So I started reading about...

by Uday Pratap Singh
Tag: action of controller from string value