How to Upgrade Existing Code Base to Latest AEM Version?

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is an Enterprise Web Content Management System which is used in high impact environments hosting voluminous pages and serving many users.It also involves integration with custom applications and customization of existing AEM features. Because of these complexities, the upgradations of AEM from one version to...

by Dipti Narang
Tag: AEM 6.0

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Configuring Dispatcher, Author and Publish Instance of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

A shorter time to market is critical to product companies. With the growth in competition, it is important to deliver a fast, secure and seamless application experience.  It is the usability of the application that will differentiate an organization from its competitors. Adobe Experience Manager (or AEM), a component of the Adobe...

by Gunjan Lal
Tag: AEM 6.0


Users migration from CQ5.6 to AEM 6.0/6.1

Businesses want to move whole legacy CQ application to new AEM 6.0/ AEM 6.1. There are different types of migration from legacy to new AEM version and it all depends on the version of legacy application. If it is below than CQ5.6 then there might be lot of efforts needed to make things work. Assets & static data can be moved easily...

by Jitendra
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Changing the Port of a Running AEM Instance

AEM derives the port number from the quickstart jar file. As the documentation says that by renaming the jar file, we can configure AEM to run on a different port. But this requires an instance shutdown. What if we want to change the port number of a running AEM instance? What if it is an e-Commerce site and shutting down the server...

by Geetika Chhabra
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Vanity URL : Moving from AEM 5.6 to 6.0

Adding vanity URL to pages/nodes, is a great way to get user friendly URLs. All you need to add is “sling:vanityPath” property to the node. For example, "" doesn't seem to be a very user friendly URL. If you want this page to have a simple and concise URL like "", you can...

by Vivek Sachdeva
Tag: AEM 6.0