Auditing Your Ubuntu Servers

You might be wondering how to audit your Ubuntu server / your Ubuntu local machine. Well, In this blog I will show you how easy it is do so. Auditing can be done by many ways of which few we shall discuss here. There are 3 following scenarios which we will be discussing :- 1.Finding from where logins are done & commands are executed ...

by Ranvijay Jamwal
Tag: Audit Logging


Extending Audit Logging Plugin to track changes to Persistent Collections

In one of our project we needed to maintain history of domain objects when they are updated. We saw Grails Audit Logging Plugin as a good candidate. But later, found that it doesn't take care of persistent collections. So with help of my colleague Vivek and this Stack Overflow thread, we extended this plugin without making it inline, to...

by Ankur Tripathi
Tag: Audit Logging