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How to Setup Consul Multinode Cluster with Docker?

Consul is a service discovery and a configuration system tool used to discover the services running on multiple nodes. It is both distributed and highly available. It provides a powerful interface to get a better picture of infrastructure and services running on them. Consul gives us a variety of features that help to determine our...

by Shivam Agrawal
Tag: bootstrap


Bootstrap using faker plugin

Every now and then we have to bootstrap data in our application. It takes lot of time thinking what name to give, what description to add and other stuff. To overcome this, we can use faker plugin which can generate random tokens as per your need. To use this, add following in BuildConfig.groovy [java] compile...

by Vivek Sachdeva
Tag: bootstrap


Using Initialization bean to set properties

Using Grails, we often set some application wide constants or config properties or execute certain tasks in bootstrap.groovy when the application starts . A better approach is to create a new class in src/groovy and have it implement Initialization bean interface [java] import org.springframework.beans.factory.InitializingBean ...

by Sachin
Tag: bootstrap


Programmatically logging in user in jsecurity plugin

In our current project we are using jsecurity plugin and some of our bootstrap code required a user to be logged in. I found a nice blog on this topic but it was using groovy metaprogramming to override the normal behaviour of SecurityUtils.getSubject() which is suitable for test environment. After...

by Bhagwat Kumar
Tag: bootstrap