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6 Barriers to DevOps and How to Avoid Them

More and more product companies are now installing business agility by moving to Cloud and bidding goodbye to the traditional legacy systems. In this constant chase to remain Agile and launch products faster to market, companies are also leveraging DevOps. DevOps as a service not only helps to automate redundant tasks and the entire...

by Shruti Kirti
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Infographic – 5 Benefits of Using DevOps with Cloud

Cloud has multiple advantages such as reduced total cost of ownership, on-demand provisioning of resources and much more. However, DevOps together with Cloud can be more beneficial. While Cloud helps to modernize the IT infrastructure, DevOps helps to automate it. DevOps not only helps in automating the delivery pipeline but also...

by Nidhi Choudhary
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Securing Chef Resources Using Databags

Configuration management has become a prominent part of DevOps practices. Either be it a matured Chef and Puppet or new entrants Ansible and SaltStack, all of them are better than another in one or other way.  However, playing without securing them is a big security risk and is not in the veins DevOps. Chef is the most vastly used...

by Navjot Singh
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Introduction to Berkshelf

People working with Chef Configuration Management tool know how Chef has significantly improved their ways of building servers quickly and reliably using cookbooks rather than using a number of scripts on a single or sometimes on multiple machines.  Recipes which are nested under cookbooks, are an integral part of Chef and helps...

by Amit Naudiyal
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Empower Vagrant with Chef

Vagrant is a development friendly tool to make easy creation of development environments. In its own words it "Creates and configures lightweight, reproducible, and portable development environments". Today we are going to learn how we can use chef-zero to provision guest OS for the development environment. We are not going to explore...

by Rajdeep Singh
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Nagios Parser to configure Nagios configuration files through Chef

                                    Nagios Parser is a ruby library that can be used as a gem to parse values from the Nagios configuration files. These values can used as arrays or hashes to suit the use case. In this blog, we will see how to use the Nagios Parser library to define a configuration file using the...

by Prakashul
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User Mangement using CHEF and AWS OpsWorks

CHEF is the most popular configuration management tool in the market these days as CHEF turns infrastructure into code and you can do almost anything using it. Recipes are the heart of CHEF. OpsWorks has been gaining a lot of momentum for last few months, the major factor being its support for CHEF. So, in this blog we will be discussing...

by Ranvijay Jamwal
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Register chef-client in AWS Autoscaling

Recently, I was trying to implement a use case wherein, the server launched by an autoscaling group should automatically connects to chef server and register itself as node. The Problem Statement: How to install Chef Client on a node launched by aws autoscaling group? Step 1. Prepare AMI with chef-client installed To install...

by Vikash Jha
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