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Rajdeep is AWS certified solutions architect & AWS certified DevOps engineer with his experience in configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting of operating systems. He keeps himself ready to tie up with new open source technologies and insight to elevate running application infrastructure to the cloud. He loves to capture moments.

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How to Automate Docker on Vagrant?

The Docker provides capabilities to ship and run containerized application on the development machine and eliminates inconsistency in the different environment. However, it needs Linux Kernel to run Docker Daemon on the machine. There are many tools to run Docker on Windows/MAC machine. In this post, we will focus on running multiple...


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Jenkins Google Authentication

In Jenkins by default user authentication is not enabled but we can establish the user authentication from the Global Security section. We have to create users for team members and it maintains all user in its own database. But we can also configure Jenkins with Google oAuth. So, if you are leveraging Google services and already have...


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Empower Vagrant with Chef

Vagrant is a development friendly tool to make easy creation of development environments. In its own words it "Creates and configures lightweight, reproducible, and portable development environments". Today we are going to learn how we can use chef-zero to provision guest OS for the development environment. We are not going to explore...


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7 Must-Have Jenkins Plugins

The Jenkins is the best freeware tool to fasten your development cycle. It helps you to increase team productivity with CI (continuous integration) and CD (continuous delivery). In the development phase, you have to test changes more frequently. A single-click build and deploy job reduce time to validate your modified codebase, and...


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AWS RDS Aurora Replication with Mysql

In my previous post, we learnt about how to launch RDS Aurora instance. The storage space of RDS Aurora is automatically scalable up to 64 TB and the read scaling can be achieved by creating up to 15 replicas in the cluster. I had migrated database into RDS Aurora to avail fault tolerance feature. Once the migration was completed I came...


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AWS Auto-scaling Lifecycle Hooks

The lifecycle hooks are the great feature of auto scaling, it helps to control instance launch and termination state within auto-scaling group. I got to know about this hidden feature when I was looking for a solution where I had to perform some automated tasks on the instance before adding/removing it from auto-scaling group. I was...


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AWS Memcached Auto-scaling

Last week, I got into a situation where I had to scale the application to store unpredictable user sessions in Memcached. The vertical scaling could be extended up to a limit but to meet the application requirements, I had to go with horizontal scaling. AWS does not provide any service to autoscale Memcached nodes according to the...



Amazon RDS Migration to AURORA

We have already read about Amazon Aurora service in my previous post . Today we are going to migrate our existing RDS instance to Aurora Cluster. . The things you must know before migration:- 1. Aurora can be placed only in three regions (us-east-1, us-west-2 and eu-west-1). So if you are planning to migrate other than these region,...




AWS announced its new database service for customers called "Amazon Aurora" which I have been waiting for since a long time. It delivers up to 5X performance of MySQL with high availability in 3 different regions. As it is new to all of us, so today we will be having hands on experience on AURORA Cluster for MySQL. I have segregated...



ELB Log Monitoring With Sumo Logic

In AWS, we can enable ELB logs and save them on S3 bucket. Analysing the ELB logs provide end-to-end visibility of all requests, but it's a quiet big challenge to get a granular detail of each request. Sumo Logic collect logs from various resources and we can analyse these logs with respect to various parameters. It uses log reduce...


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Load Blancing of Amazon RDS Read Replica

AWS provide some intensive services and these are easily manageable and as being admin there is less overhead to scale up your application infrastructure. In automated deployments if we are planing to horizontally scale your database, with help of a single click we can populate read replica of our running database. But to handle large...



Monitoring of Memcached

Memcached is an ideal platform for accelerating application performance. It is important to identify and resolve the problem before it impact business. phpMemcachedAdmin is a great tool to proactively monitor the health and performance of Memcached. It will give you clear picture of hit and miss ratio and as well eviction rate in real...