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Integrating SonarQube with Jenkins

Recently, we got a requirement where Grails Development team needs to have a one-click interface to run units test cases for their Grails application and send the results to SonarQube. SonarQube is a web-based application which is used for centralized management of code quality. We decided to integrate it with Jenkins to provide...

by Navjot Singh
Tag: code-coverage


SonarQube – All in one code quality manager

Introduction to SonarQube: We all are well aware of the importance of codebase quality, unhampered of "deadly programming skills" which can wreck our code. But isn't it quite cumbersome to implement different tools to look upon its different aspects. What if in one place, we can have detailed insight of all the development sins. This...

by Prakriti Sharma
Tag: code-coverage


Few tips for writing swift and effective unit test cases

To a beginner writing unit tests may seem to be an overhead and a low productive affair. But this could be due to the way he chooses to write tests. One can quite easily be productive at writing unit test cases as well. Following are a few things that I follow to write the spock unit tests cases in the grails application. I hope these...

by Imran Mir
Tag: code-coverage