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Selective blocking of curl and wget

Wget is a pretty handy tool that lets users download files from any HTTP/HTTPS or FTP server. Curl, on the other hand is an amazing tool that helps you build a new request with plethora of protocols such as  HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, Telnet, SMTP etc. These tools can be used to test protocols or your server configurations, but at the same time...

by Gunjan Sawhney
Tag: curl


File Upload on Amazon S3 server using CURL request :

Use Case : Sometimes we need to upload file on Amazon S3 or need to write code to upload file. As file upload on S3 using API call requires parameters in specific format and debugging that is very cumbersome task, in that case we can use CURL request with the inputs for debugging. Following are the required Inputs for CURL: Date in...

by Lovin Saini
Tag: curl


Fetching File From FTP in Background With Curl.

Last night I had to restore file with size greater than 220GB from our backup FTP server to our main server after OS re installation. Now I could have simply done “get” after logging into ftp out server, but that would have required my machine to stay awake all night unattended. Seems simple but everything I tried didn't seem...

by Hitesh Bhatia
Tag: curl