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GR8ConfIN 2016 – For the GR8 developers in town RECAP

It was indeed an amazing GR8Conf IN 2016 with more than 200 participants, marvelous line-up of speakers and fully packed parallel sessions at The Lalit, New Delhi. This year the conference was sponsored by OCI, which is the new home for Grails. The entire conference was also live streamed by #fame with more than 4000 viewers across the...

by Mansi Arora
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Javascript to groovy objects in GEB functional test cases

Use Case While writing functional tests sometimes we need to test whether a certain javascript objects have some particular values. If we have a JavaScript object such as in our page [code] var myObj = { attr1 : 'attr1-val', attr2 : 'attr2-val'}; [/code] then after reaching that page we can execute the below in our GEB spec...

by Aseem Bansal
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Using Modules to avoid structures repetition in Geb Test Pages

Using modules in Geb testing can help to avoid repetition of same code/ sections in Geb test pages. In this blog I want to talk about repeating data structures such as tables and how to avoid this repition by modelling them.In Geb testing if there is some content which is used in multiple pages then we can make its definition reusable by...

by Gunpreet
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