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4 Pillars of Design – Part 2

Every design and/or architecture has some basics and so does Visual Design have. Applying principles to the visual designs might look overwhelming at first but once you start designing a page or concept together, it becomes easier. Visual Design has Four Pillars Namely Navigation Presentation Content Interaction I had...

by Quamar Alam Quamar
Tag: Good UI Design

Experience Design

Usability Testing – A best practice

“Don’t guess everything is just perfect. Know early, Test early & Fail early.” Usability testing most often overlooked by stakeholders, but it can assure immense value gained from it. You can find good content, excellent images, much professional looks (i.e. for Web & Mobile), but Are they enough to build great...

by Ashish Tripathi
Tag: Good UI Design


Usability and User Experience – the Cornerstones of UI Design

User Interface Design or Engineering, also known as Front End Development, is all about designing attractive user interfaces for different machines, software, mobile devices, or other products with the aim of enhancing user experience. UI design is extremely powerful as it leads to enhanced user engagement leading to greater success of...

by Anila Wadhera
Tag: Good UI Design