Fall back to use a jQuery file on your web server, if it can’t be loaded from CDN

Content Delivery Network is a system of distributed servers that hosts various resources such as CSS, images, JavaScript files etc. Companies like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo etc. provides a free public CDN to download resources instead of hosting it on your own server. Advantages of using a CDN:- 1. Distributed CDN servers : The...

by Poonam Baveja
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Using “srcset”: Responsive inline images

Hi guys, With the advent of "retina" screens in our day-to-day life, usage of high resolution images has not only increased, but has also become a necessity to shed the shabby look of your website. For those who don't know, "retina" display is a marketing term that was introduced by Apple and is used to refer to their line of products...

by Roni C. Thomas
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