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Top 9 Tips to Write Effective Test Cases

A good test case always includes strong title, a good description, list of pre-conditions and expected results. Test cases come with different flavors "Positive and Negative",  but the most important factor is to cover all Business and Functional requirements. Effective test cases add value to the business along with the project. ...

by Akanksha Goyal
Tag: Independent Testing


5 Key Advantages of Independent Testing

Testing is an important factor, not only in identifying and fixing bugs in an application but also in determining its life cycle. You will agree that thorough testing is crucial for rapid delivery of high-quality software. Industries across the globe have competently transformed testing mechanisms to proactively prevent bugs, thereby...

by Anila Wadhera
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Best Practices of choosing good locators for your test automation scripts

One of the important requirements of a successful test automation project is the robustness of your code. If the properties of GUI or GUI itself of the application under test changes and your automation code are sensitive to GUI changes, you'll lose valuable time fixing the code. Good element locators greatly contribute to the...

by Vishal Tyagi
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