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Unifying control of multiple AWS accounts by using AWS STS

Recently, we came across a scenario where we need to create AMIs of multiple production servers running in four different AWS accounts. One solution was to create an automation script to be run on an AWS EC2 instance running in each aws account which would create AMI of all production servers running in each account. This would have...

by Navjot Singh
Tag: Linux


SSH tunneling with AWS private subnet

It has been a long time while I was working over the project where we required accessing Rabbit MQ dashboard. I know accessing the Rabbit MQ is not the difficult task but my scenario was bit complex. Scenario: I was supposed to access Rabbit MQ dashboard from AWS Linux machine which is placed in the private subnet of VPC (AWS) with no...

by Prashant Sharma
Tag: Linux


SSH Tunneling through a secure box

Hi, many of us must have landed into a situation which I faced recently, the issue was with one of the new features deployed to PRODUCTION environment in the latest release not working as expected, but I was unable to reproduce this on Local or QA environments. So to debug it quickly, I tried something which ultimately proves really...

by Parampreet Singh
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PHP to Node.JS Migration – Retaining Your Cpanel E-Mail Account While DNS Migration

Hello folks, If you are here on this blog, you might be searching for the ways to migrate your existing PHP website to Node.js. In this blog i will try to explain, how you can point your existing domain to nodejs hosting and keep using the cpanel hosting for managing emails for your domain. To start with, you will have to make...



LXC – Linux Containers

"Linux containers, Its an operating system based virtualization method, you can run your multiple isolated instances on a single host. It is similar to chroot(File system isolation) but it offers a lot. You can zip an LXC container and move it to any other host with the same processor architecture. LXC is the part of mainline Kernel it...

by abhishek.tomar
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Show status of MySQL imports using PipeViewer

While working on my current application, I had to import a large database using mysql from a sql dump. The size of the sql dump was around 1.5 GB and hence the import was taking long time. I just felt the need of some tool that could help me check the progress of the import. The command I used was: [sql] mysql --user=username...

by Nikhil Bhandari
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Capistrano – Server Automation and Deployment Tool

What it is ? Capistrano is an open source tool for running scripts on multiple servers; its main use is deploying web applications. It automates the process of making a new version of an application available on one or more web servers, including supporting tasks such as changing databases. It's written in Ruby, but it can easily be...

by ravi
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HTTP Authentication using Nginx

I got a requirement from one of my clients to setup a staging server that has a HTTP authentication, behind an ELB. but because of authentication it fails in the ELB health check. I did the following steps to configure it with HTTP authentication. Create a single PHP or HTML file and disable HTTP authentication for this file. In the...

by Tejprakash Sharma
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VIM: All you need to know about it

Vim is an extremely practicable text editor which allows efficient text editing. It is considered as one of the most handy tools for programmers, allowing them to edit configure files and sometimes also considered as IDE. Though, it not just limited to editing configuring files, it also allows a user to edit text files and write emails...

by Vikash Jha
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How to parse JSON by command Line in Linux

Java development is often challenging, especially when you need to parse JSON from the command line. In my recent Java development project I had parse JSON from the command line and I explored available options one-by-one to find a close fit solution which can be implemented quickly.  Requirements To parse json from the...

by arshad
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AEM Dispatcher setup for Linux

Installing dispatcher for AEM in Apache Web-server in Linux may get little tricky, as documentation provided by Adobe on Installation of Dispatcher in Linux is not sufficient, and if we take it in analogy and try doing same way we do in Windows, then we face some issues locating the appropriate files. Prerequisites for Dispatcher...

by Ankur Mittal
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Install RhoSync on ubuntu 11.10 (with fix)

Recently, I was trying to install RhoMobile suite on my ubuntu11.10 machine. And faced some issues for installing 'rhosync' package. This blog tells how to fix these issues (as they worked for me).   I am assuming ruby and gem are already installed on your machine. Note: if you are on older version of ruby please upgrade to...

by Salil
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