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Why Should You Use Splunk for Log Analysis ?

Everyone knows that logs play an important role in the IT industry. Logs are used for various purposes such as IT operations, system and application monitoring, business analytics, security and compliance and much more. Having a centralized logging system makes life easy for developers especially when there is a need to troubleshoot...

by Mohit Kumar
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Collecting Tomcat logs using Fluentd and Elasticsearch

In our previous blog, we have covered the basics of fluentd, the lifecycle of fluentd events and the primary directives involved. In this blog, we'll configure fluentd to dump tomcat logs to Elasticsearch. We'll also talk about filter directive/plugin and how to configure it to add hostname field in the event stream. Fluentd...

by Arun Dhyani
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Fluentd – The Log Collector

Whenever we talk about Log Analysis which is to create some sense out of the computer generated records, we always need some tools which can first collect these logs from different devices, operating systems or any applications. These tools are generally termed as Log Collectors. There are two popular log collectors - Logstash &...

by Amit Naudiyal
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