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Progressive Web Apps : A Philosophy for Modern App Development

With the advent of "Mobile first" approach, more and more applications are moving from web-only platform to both Web and Mobile. Now it sounds great to have my application work on both the platforms but the time and efforts doubles. PWA comes into picture here by helping build a web application which works as a mobile app or at least as...

by Sakshi Tyagi
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Thinking Mobile First? 9 Performance Optimization Techniques You Should Know

Performance is a critical success factor to your Mobile First Approach. Whether you are showcasing mobile web experience or an application, performance is the key. According to a survey, 1 second delay in page load time can lead to 11% fewer page views, 16% decrease in customer satisfaction and 7% loss in conversions. Outlined below...

by kinshuk jhala
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Mobile First Approach

In this ever revolutionizing industry, rapid innovations keep us wondering how small enhancements makes our lives easier and smoother. Here is another innovation called Mobile First Approach. As all we know the beginning of web world was with websites being created just for desktops. Mobiles came in later and the websites created for...

by Samson Gill
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