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How to Achieve React Native and iOS Bridging?

We love sharing our learning from the project. Recently, in one of our development projects, there was a need of bridging between iOS or Android and react-native. We were required to integrate the apple map with our application by writing the code in native iOS where the application would interact with the operating system. Once we get...

by Priya
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Write once use anywhere : React native components

React native is the latest cool thing in mobile development world now a days backed by super cool “Facebook”. People are trying their hands more and more on it. This blog is for all those people who have just started working on React Native and looking for modularizing their code into component based architecture for re-usability. ...

by Sakshi Tyagi
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React JS vs Angular 2

In this blog we are going to discuss in summary, difference between the two most popular JS (library/framework) i.e Angular 2 and React JS On the very first note, React JS is just a library and Angular 2 is a whole framework (which is still undergoing changes). But we can have a comparison for both. 1. Component: Both React and...

by Vishnu Shekhawat
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Working With React Native : Part#1

Introduction React is based on JavaScript created by a collaboration of Facebook and Instagram, It was introduced in 2013. Its main focus is to allow developers to create front-end interfaces easily and rapidly. React isn’t a complete framework. It does not offer various components you’ll find in projects based on Ember or Angular...

by Shivang Goel
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Building ES6 React Component from ES5 Components

We are in a growing technology world and ES versions are evolving very fast. I was working in a react project with ES5 but we had to revamp our ES5 components into ES6 components and I have faced so many problems at each point. So in this blog I am trying to cover some basic steps for how to convert ES5 react components to ES6...

by Mahima Agrawal
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