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Resolving Private DNS Queries using AWS VPC Resolver

AWS offers Route53, as a part of Amazon's cloud computing platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS). It is a highly scalable web service that can be used as internal DNS hostings. With Route53 you can host multiple internal domain names within your VPC (or group of VPCs) which are visible and accessible to the internal hosts only and blocked...

by Amit Naudiyal
Tag: route53

AWS, DevOps

Migrate Subdomain without Migrating Parent Domain

I had a use-case where I needed to use a subdomain and its Parent Domain already had a lot of DNS entries. So, it was very hard to manage 100+ DNS entries in a single account where you need to play with a single Subdomain. I found a solution wherein we could migrate a single Subdomain to another Domain Control (AWS) and thereby control...

by Tejprakash Sharma
Tag: route53


Mapping multiple Route53 record sets to a record set

Lets take an example where we need to point, to using AWS' Route53. Creating a record set to point to is easy, where would be a CNAME type record with value "". But mapping to is not that trivial as R53 does...

by Hitesh Bhatia
Tag: route53