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Utilizing AWS Ruby SDK to get AWS EC2 details in a CSV file

Over the years, Amazon has been integrating its web services with various programming languages to make it easier for developers to utilize various AWS resources effectively. It has made specific tools for popular programming languages like Ruby, Python, Java, .NET etc. Talking about Ruby, it is a dynamic, reflective, object-oriented,...

by Vaibhav Gulati
Tag: ruby

AWS, DevOps

Tweaking Logstash’s S3 plugin to create folders in YYYY/MM/DD format on AWS S3

Logstash is a service that accepts logs from a variety of systems, processes it and allows us to index it in Elasticsearch etc which can be visualised using Kibana. Our DevOps engineers have been using Logstash S3 plugin which simply puts all data in a S3 bucket location. Since we have configured files to be created in every hour on...

by Navjot Singh
Tag: ruby


Capistrano – Server Automation and Deployment Tool

What it is ? Capistrano is an open source tool for running scripts on multiple servers; its main use is deploying web applications. It automates the process of making a new version of an application available on one or more web servers, including supporting tasks such as changing databases. It's written in Ruby, but it can easily be...

by ravi
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Install RhoSync on ubuntu 11.10 (with fix)

Recently, I was trying to install RhoMobile suite on my ubuntu11.10 machine. And faced some issues for installing 'rhosync' package. This blog tells how to fix these issues (as they worked for me).   I am assuming ruby and gem are already installed on your machine. Note: if you are on older version of ruby please upgrade to...

by Salil
Tag: ruby