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How to Setup SFTP on Windows?

Windows provides FTP support that can be enabled from the Features section. The default Windows FTP feature has two modes of operations. Simple Plain text FTP and FTPS. However, configuring FTPS on a firewall can be a complex task because it requires opening up multiple ports. SFTP is a secure way of accessing remote servers easily. ...

by Rahul Jaiswal
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Setting up restricted remote SFTP server

This blog post refers to a use case I came across recently wherein, a few users had to remotely log into the server using SFTP. These users should be restricted to perform read/write operation only in their home directory and only from office network i.e the public IP address(es), their office network is fabricated upon. To achieve this,...

by Sharad Aggarwal
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Using Ftp with Grails

In one of my Grails project I need to drop files over ftp server. Using JSch one can easily transfer files over sftp. Just follow the below steps. 1. Add the below dependency to Grails project "grails-app/conf/BuildConfig.groovy" file [sourcecode language="groovy"] dependencies { compile 'com.jcraft:jsch:0.1.49' } ...

by Puneet Behl
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