Logging with Spring AOP and Custom Annotations In JAVA Application

Whenever i am working on development of any application I want to log every execution of a method, seeing what arguments it receives, what it returns for easy debugging and how much time every execution take. So we have created a utility based on Spring AOP and here we will see how we can use it in our projects. @RestController ...

by Stayendra Verma
Tag: Spring AOP

Java, Software development

Why should you adopt Spring Framework?

Spring is an open source framework for Java platform that provides comprehensive infrastructure support for developing robust Java applications. Spring Framework is essentially a skeleton that offers a solid foundation upon which an application can be built.This skeleton structure guides and helps developers throughout the application...

by Ankit Arora
Tag: Spring AOP

Grails, Technology

Intercept Grails Service class method calls

I was trying to intercept method calls of a Grails Service class for a little while. Adding interceptors to Controllers is really easy and I wanted to intercept calls to one of the methods in a Service class in a similar fashion. But adding interceptors to Grails Service Classes is not as straightforward as for Controllers. After doing...

by Sandeep Poonia
Tag: Spring AOP