YouTube Player Integration in Android

YouTube allows you to play it's video in your app using the youtube player. It also provides data APIs to put like, dislike, or rate comments on a video. To integrate youtube player you need API key from google console and you can get it using following steps: 1. Get SHA1 fingerprint first by executing "keytool -list -v -keystore...

by Vaibhav Chahal
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Java, Software development

Why should you adopt Spring Framework?

Spring is an open source framework for Java platform that provides comprehensive infrastructure support for developing robust Java applications. Spring Framework is essentially a skeleton that offers a solid foundation upon which an application can be built.This skeleton structure guides and helps developers throughout the application...

by Ankit Arora
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Automation Testing, Manual Testing

Top 11 Best Practices in Software Testing

“To err is human” – Alexander Pope. Everyone makes mistakes, but you cannot ignore all mistakes. Some of them can prove to be very expensive. During testing of an application/product, a tester makes sure that mistakes done by developers are discovered and fixed before the product reaches the end user. The primary objective of...

by Ubaid Ahmed
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Mobility, Technology

Beacons, the next generation game changers!

We have clearly witnessed a sharp inclination towards providing a superior customer experience by most companies within the last couple of years. Some companies plan on investing huge funds in glorifying their customer retention strategies; while some others plan on scaling up their technological integration. An important factor, inter...

by kinshuk jhala
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AWS, DevOps

Running multi-container Nodejs application using docker-compose

This blog post is about using docker-compose, a tool provided by docker to define and run multi container application using a single command. It uses a docker-compose.yml file as default input file. I got a use case which was to run a Nodejs application behind a Nginx acting as a reverse proxy in two different Docker containers. This...

by Navjot Singh
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