Create Partial View in MVC in Asp.Net and integrate as a reusable component in Umbraco CMS.

What is Partial View in MVC: - Partial view is same as a user control in Web Form application in Asp.Net .So it can be reused with in multiple views in MVC. Partial Views are special views which render a portion of View content. Step by step process to implement partial views in MVC in and integrate with Umbraco CMS in...

by Mohit Kumar
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How to Integrate ASP.NET custom user control with Umbraco CMS

INTRODUCTION You can integrate ASP.NET user controls with Umbraco CMS. You can communicate with your control by using Public Properties and macro elements. The user control created with data entry form in ASP.NET looks like the one below: After creating user control in ASP.NET project, copy the custom control bin file into bin...

by Anshul Verma
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