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Davao’s Dirty Harry Shakes Up Philippine Elections

There were conflicts and murders – most of them were committed by communist guerrillas, leftists, and criminals at large. There were lots of dashed hopes, and a lot of wistful staring out over the horizon where the richer and more peaceful cities stood. But the chaotic state of the city experienced a mighty turnaround when a 42-year old...


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Where Angels Try to Trend: Philippine Elections and Online Popularity

Local networks are now being flooded with political campaign advertisements, presidential aspirants have begun to promise that they will build bridges on non-existent rivers just to win the votes of the masses. Meanwhile, avid supporters have spilled out on the streets to boost their candidate’s morale and spates of screaming...


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AlDub Phenomenon: Blurring the Line between Traditional Media and Digital Media

  Photo courtesy of The Dailypedia "I used to think being a celebrity is unattainable (in my case) so I never really considered pursuing show business. I didn’t think I have what it takes to be one; good looks, charisma, talents etc.  But I’m here... I’m coming… I am getting there," Maine Mendoza recalled on her...