Quamar Alam Quamar

Quamar is a UI Designer and Product Creator from the cozy streets of Bihar. He has eight years of work experience in various UI/UX Design. His passion is to explore the new design trends, technology updates and write blogs in spare time. He loves to travel & explore various culture, play cricket and spend time with his family.

Digital Transformation, Experience Design

UI Patterns: Navigation (Part2)

Navigation is required in our day-to-day life to move from one place to another. For example: if you walked for hours at an unknown place with lush greenery and lots of tunnels. You don’t know where currently you are and which direction to go. You would need a person who is familiar with the route or a compass or a map. These things...


Android, Experience Design

UI Patterns: Navigation (Part 1)

A design pattern is a formal way of documenting a solution to a common design problem. The idea was introduced by an architect Christopher Alexander for use in urban planning and building architecture. This has been adapted for various other disciplines, including teaching and pedagogy, development organization and process, as well as for...


Experience Design, Front End Development

4 Pillars of Design – Part 2

Every design and/or architecture has some basics and so does Visual Design have. Applying principles to the visual designs might look overwhelming at first but once you start designing a page or concept together, it becomes easier. Visual Design has Four Pillars Namely Navigation Presentation Content Interaction I had...


Experience Design, Front End Development

4 Pillars of Design – Part 1

Let’s discuss about Visual Design today. However before proceeding to Visual Design, let us analyze what is design and how people from different arena/profession see it. In today’s life everything is design be it a car, house, pen, computer or whatever you name. So how we ensure the design is usable ? Same applies for software...


Experience Design

How Visual Design help to improve User Experience?

There is quote coming in my mind “Its tough to maintain the balance between logic and creativity”. Don Norman says in the book Emotional Design: Why we Love (or Hate) Everyday Things. Visual Design has as much of an effect on the overall experience as usability. Doesn’t sound Familiar? Let me explain: Humans are attracted to...