Aayush Gupta

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Regression Testing: A Sign-Off Before Product Release

Let’s understand the term first What is Regression? Regress means returning to the former or less developed state.  Regression Testing involves a similar concept; it includes testing of previous functionality, to ensure a bug that could have been introduced by any enhancement added to the previous version. A test engineer checks the...


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Some Dos and Don’ts in Software Testing

It is very important for a test engineer to work towards breaking the product/software right from the beginning till the final release of the application. This post will not just focus on testing but also the tasks related to testing from tracking defects to configuration management. Dos: Ensure that the testing activities are in...


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Some Do’s and Don’ts while designing Test Cases:

It is very important for a test engineer to draft good and complete test cases as it shows how comprehensively a test engineer has understood the application requirements.  With the following Do’s and Don’ts a test engineer can develop an effective test case with little efforts and save a lot of time. Do’s: Identify and...