Milan Chourasia


Stylish input type file upload with image Preview

Few days back I have tried to change the look of input type file but unable to change like background,border etc. Actually, it looks different in all browsers. Now I found a solution to do this. Here is the HTML which have been used:- [java] <div class="uploadOuter"> <input type="text"...



How to create Stylish Select-box,Radio button,Checkbox

Stylish Select-box HTML [java] <select class="selectBox"> <option>Select</option> <option>New Delhi</option> <option>Mumbai</option> </select> [/java] CSS [java] .selectBox{ appearance: none;-webkite-appearance: none;-moz-appearance: none;-o-appearance:...



How to compile Less file into CSS file ?

Less (sometimes stylized as LESS) is one of the dynamic style sheet languages that can be compiled into Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), or can run on the server-side and client-side. How to install Less ? The easiest way to install Less on the server, is via npm, Step 1 – Download and Install nodejs from Step 2...