Mohit Tyagi

AngularJS, Technology

Directive compilation in angularjs

Manipulating DOM If we have worked on templates in other JavaScript framework/library like Backbone and jQuery, they process the template as a string and result as a string. We have to inject this result string into the DOM using innerHTML() or some other way, because there is no two way binding that needs to happen, we render the markup...


Node.js, Technology

Custom matcher for testing with Jasmine

Jasmine is a behavior-driven development framework for testing JavaScript code. Many Jasmine users only use the default set of matchers which are extremely powerful, yet are unable to meet our requirements when dealing with complicated or custom code. Jasmine provides a wide list of built-in matchers: Arrays: [javascript] ...



Custom IDs In Firebase

Firebase is a service that allows us to create real-time apps without having a native back-end(server). Storing and retrieving of data in real-time is done directly from the browser(front-end), i.e. no back-end services is required to fetch the data. Whenever we save data in Firebase, it generates a unique identification ID for each...