Prashant Sharma


Create Auto Scaling Groups from Running Amazon EC2 Instances

Once Again My blog is about Auto-Scaling.Where we can setup the Auto-Scaling for the running instance. As this could one of the scenarios where you need to implement Auto Scaling for your existing applications, and want to do so without having to shut down your instances.And same was announced by AWS in month jan 2014. To create an...



AWS Auto Scaling -Lifecycle Hooks

Typically there could be some scenario , when a scale in event occurs and Auto Scaling determines that an instance is no longer necessary, it immediately puts the instance into Terminating  state. The instance remains in this state until the instance fully terminates. By default,  We cannot connect to an instance that is terminating ...



Getting real IP while using nginx working behind Amazon Elastic Load Balancer

When placing nginx  web servers behind a Elastic load balancer  , the client IP address from the browser is replaced with the IP address of the load-balancer. This makes difficult to analysis the location of IP Here’s how you can fix it and capture the real IP. Prerequisite Make sure you have http_realip_module...



Install ngx_pagespeed module with nginx on ubuntu 14.04

PageSpeed speeds up your site and reduces page load time. This open-source webserver module automatically applies web performance best practices to pages and associated assets (CSS, JavaScript, images) without requiring that you modify your existing content or workflow.Click here for more technical information . By Default , nginx...