Smriti Chawla


Video Sitemaps

What are video sitemaps? Video sitemaps is the most efficient way that tells Google where and what the video content is on your site. It helps to get all the content which we might not discover otherwise by our usual crawling methods. It will index the content in search engines such as As per Google itself: “...


AngularJS, Front End Development

Angular 2 Component styling

Styling for large Angular application is a challenging task as most of the times styles easily gets mixed and confusing. Major issue that is encountered when we try to structure our styles and give proper naming for individual styles. To resolve the issue many patterns were introduced to enhance style organization and most of these...



Remote Debugging with Charles Proxy

The most difficult part of supporting apps when you don't create them and don't have access to the source code is debugging them. Charles allows to intercept calls to remote CSS and JavaScript files and substitute your own, allowing for infinitely easier debugging of remote code that you don’t have access to change. Charles is an...