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Dev-Test-Ops: The Way Forward for Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

Competition has grown manifold in the last decade with a constant need for faster time to market, superior customer experience and continuous evolution. WIth the modern software economy becoming biased towards innovative products that keep pace with accelerating market demands, technology-led products appeal to early adopters and niche...

by Apoorva Chawla
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How to Build Winning Smart TV Apps With a Comprehensive Testing Strategy?

The pattern of content consumption has changed markedly in the last two decade. From mobile phones in the 90’s to smart phones to smart TVs, the demand for smart connected devices continues to grow. According to a Gartner consumer survey, worldwide, by 2018, 87 percent of the TVs shipped annually will be smart TVs. The figure below...

by Dwiza Saha
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8 Key Strategies for Mobile Automation Testing!

Customer habits are quickly changing and evolving. Thanks in no small part to the growth of digital technologies and smartphones. According to one of the recent report from Comscore, Smartphone penetration has surpassed 80% in the USA. Companies want to leverage this fast-growing trend and provide a second to none experience to their...

by Shruti Kirti
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Mobile Application Testing – 8 Key Challenges and Considerations

Mobile phones have become smarter than they were a decade back. They are your personal assistants enabling you to quickly perform a variety of activities from the comfort of your home or office. With multiple mobile products being launched frequently, right from booking a movie ticket to transferring the money from your bank account,...

by Nidhi Choudhary
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API Testing Using SoapUI

API testing is crucial to companies. In this blog, we will share the basic procedure of working with SoapUI. Let us start by understanding the basic requirements and how to set up a SoapUI in the machine. Once done, we will navigate towards a sample project structure. Basic Requirements Before starting with the SoupUI tool,...

by Richa Kala
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5 Things To Know Before You Start API Testing

As you might be aware, API  stands for Application Program Interface. As the name suggests, it acts like an interface between the user and the application. APIs are mainly responsible for the data exchange services between the two different software. Software testing is complicated and challenging. It is therefore essential to...

by Shreya Agrwal
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Best Practices for Test Planning

The first and foremost step of testing in the testing life cycle is “Test Planning”.  Test planning helps to set up a roadmap for testing. Testing roadmap is planned by an experienced person with 5-8 years of experience as it is one of the key factors in delivering bug-free products. After completion of test initialization and...

by Shikha Narang
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How to Add Screenshots to TestNG Report?

Taking screenshots during testing is often considered a good practice. Adding a screenshot to the test reports provides complete clarity and visibility of the application such as if the application is working smoothly or something in the application needs to be fixed. It also makes the report meaningful and presentable. While carrying...

by Ubaid Ahmed
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Automation Testing, Manual Testing

Top 9 Tips to Write Effective Test Cases

A good test case always includes strong title, a good description, list of pre-conditions and expected results. Test cases come with different flavors "Positive and Negative",  but the most important factor is to cover all Business and Functional requirements. Effective test cases add value to the business along with the project. ...

by Akanksha Goyal
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Importance of Software Testing Metrics and 8 Ways to Measure It

What is Software Testing Metrics? Software testing metrics provide quantitative approach to measure the quality and effectiveness of the software development and testing process. It helps the team to keep a track on the software quality at every stage in the software development cycle and also provides information to control and reduce...

by Mohit Tyagi
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Infographic – A roadmap to Automation Testing

Delivering a quality software product requires comprehensive testing. Developing business critical applications using traditional SDLC approach for software testing is incapable in delivering a first-rate quality product. Automation Testing is a must have for every new project. If done logically and judicially the advantages of...

by Shweta Sharma
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Mobile Web Automation using Protractor

Protractor is an end-to-end automation testing framework tool. To test Angular web page on a mobile device, we have to use the Appium with Protractor to perform our E2E testing. Both Appium and Protractor are open-source automation testing tool. Appium provides a bridge between a system and a mobile device. It supports three types of...

by Kimi Agarwal
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