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How to run Fabric using AWS Lambda and Paramiko?

We usually come across few scenarios where we need something to run on the remote servers for the sake of automation. I came across such a use case in AWS where I need to run fabric on a server to be triggered from AWS Lambda. This fabric script further does few tasks on other servers. Background/Scenario: While working on a spot...

by Navjot Singh
Tag: Configuration Management

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Securing Chef Resources Using Databags

Configuration management has become a prominent part of DevOps practices. Either be it a matured Chef and Puppet or new entrants Ansible and SaltStack, all of them are better than another in one or other way.  However, playing without securing them is a big security risk and is not in the veins DevOps. Chef is the most vastly used...

by Navjot Singh
Tag: Configuration Management

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Customer and Environment Segregation using Puppet

This blog showcases the Customer and Environment segregation at the puppet-architecture-level for customized target deployments of the puppet modules. For instance, if one wants to deploy a puppet module to a specific customer and its specific environment type (Dev, Prod, Test), it is achievable by making the configuration changes in the...

by Prateek Malik
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Understanding playbooks in Ansible

My previous blog talks about overview of ansible, installation steps and a small demo on basic functionality of ansible. Ref Link Ansible-Configuration Management System Scope This blog will help you understand the basics of playbook and its terminologies. Ansible Playbook A playbook consists of simple set of steps called...

by Naina Motwani
Tag: Configuration Management

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Installing latest Puppet master and agent setup on ubuntu14.04

This blog post focuses on installation and configuration of two node Puppet setup, i.e. a Puppetmaster (or master) and an agent. Puppet is an open source configuration management tool used for automation of administration jobs across big server farms. It is written in ruby and uses DSL (Domain specific language) to write codes known as...

by Sharad Aggarwal
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