Front End Development, Product Engineering

An Introduction to BEM – “DO Less Get More” CSS Approach

Front end development and Coding is an art. Efficiency of code increases if it is organized in a right way. Certain questions that you need to address are: a) How long it takes for you to write code? (Consider efficiency while writing the code) b) How much code you will have to re-write for similar task? (Make sure the code is...

by Poonam Baveja
Tag: Development

AWS, DevOps

Take your pick: Build-driven Delivery or Image-driven Delivery?

In the recent past, software has seen a revolution of sorts. The emergence of Docker and the containerization paradigm has questioned the basis of some of the software delivery principles. The result? People are opting for things unheard of some two years back. What’s more, they are now using them successfully to deliver software faster...

by Ranvijay Jamwal
Tag: Development


What makes Modi Speeches such a Cult – An Analytical Perspective

One Simple Reason “Content that Connects with Target Audience” Speaking to 20000 people, knowing that over a billion would be tuned in, is a tough act. For Mr. Modi it is a cakewalk. He seems to outdo himself time and time again. Here is some proof of evidence to back it up. In the world of marketing there is a common saying...

by Gaurav Misra
Tag: Development


Autoscaling Environment Logs Collection using LogEntries

LogEntries Managing log data across large autoscaling environments can be a time-consuming and expensive job. Logentries has designed a scalable service that dynamically supports autoscaling environment as log volumes expand and change dynamically. By centralizing all logs across distributed instances into one secure location, we can...

by Ankit Giri
Tag: Development