6 online shopping apps Indonesians can’t live without

“Whoever said money doesn’t buy you happiness didn’t know where to shop” – Blair Waldorf The number of Internet users in Indonesia has increased since the technology was introduced in the 1980s. A study released by “We Are Social” reported that by the end of 2014, the number of active internet users in Indonesia had...

by Dimas Fattahillah
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Application Security, Technology

An essence of Application Security in E-commerce

Hackers and cyber criminals identify E-commerce sites as a source of information, such as credit cards and other PII (Personally identifiable information). To protect customers, it's necessary to know how to protect the application and the sensitive customer data it has. All this involves user's trust and assurance on the brand and...

by Ankit Giri
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Ecommerce site development with Magento

IntelliGrape recently started its new vertical of e-commerce sites development using Magento. Our ethos has been on choosing a leading technology/platform for whatever we do – be it custom web development or mobile apps development or ecommerce site development using packaged solution. Also, emphasis is not only on choosing a great...

by Raman Mittal
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