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AWS SES Integration for Java Applications

Use Case I came across a use-case, where I had to integrate Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) to send transactional emails from a JAVA application using my own registered domain. This blog will guide the reader through the basic steps required for setting up or integrating Amazon SES with my JAVA application. About Amazon SES It...

by Mayank Negi
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Integrating for Sending Right Messages at the Right Time

Email marketing present so many benefit over other traditional forms of marketing. It drives better returns on investment and customer engagement metrics than other marketing techniques because of Reduce Overhead Costs and Reduced Time and Efforts. The old process for sending an email involves only one step as send an email, and...

by Tanu Siwag
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Better Email Marketing in AEM using MailChimp

Email Marketing is directly marketing a commercial message to group of people using email. It can be used to send ads, request business or brand/product awareness, building customer loyalty, acquiring new customers or convince existing customer and increased sales. Currently in AEM, email marketing can be done through the newsletter....

by Jatin Gupta
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Configure Amazon SES with Exim

I have been working on different MTAs since the last couple of years. This time, the Exim4 use-case which I encountered was to sends emails using premium Email Service Provider. Use-case: We were supposed to send thousands of emails like auto-reply emails or newsletters from our dedicated server(Ec2 machines) inside the private...

by Prashant Sharma
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PHP to Node.JS Migration – Retaining Your Cpanel E-Mail Account While DNS Migration

Hello folks, If you are here on this blog, you might be searching for the ways to migrate your existing PHP website to Node.js. In this blog i will try to explain, how you can point your existing domain to nodejs hosting and keep using the cpanel hosting for managing emails for your domain. To start with, you will have to make...



Configuring multiple senders in Grails Mail plugin

In one of the recent projects, we had to set up a system where emails for different purposes (i.e registration, error reporting etc.) were to be sent out from different email accounts. We were using the Grails Mail plugin which does not provide a clear way to set-up or configure multiple email addresses. With the help of my colleague,...

by Abhishek Tejpaul
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