Grails Clean Code – Configure Codenarc Plugin

Grails gives us the freedom to create web applications quickly and with maximum productivity, but with the fast development, we often leave the basic code quality rules and after a few months of project we end up so much messy code that even we are not able to read it, forget about understanding it. Codenarc really helps to identify...

by Uday Pratap Singh
Tag: Grails performance

Database, Grails

Grails performance optimization – Unique constraint

Grails unique constraint is very powerful way to check duplicate keys in any DBMS, but it has some impact on application performance. Lets check it by one example: Suppose we have one domain having the following structure: [code] class User { String firstName String lastName String emailId static constraints = { ...

by Deepak Kumar Mittal
Tag: Grails performance


SpringOne2GX : Peter Ledbrook’s session on Performance Tuning

Peter Ledbrook took an amazing session on tuning your grails Application here at SpringOne2GX in Chicago. In this session Peter talked about tuning the various aspects about in your application starting from server side optimizations to the caching and zipping of static resources. One of the most important thing that Peter pointed out...

by Himanshu Seth
Tag: Grails performance