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Master-Slave Load Testing using Locust

In the previous blog we have discussed what is locust , why we use locust for load testing and how to implement it. So if you are wondering what locust is and how it works or for a better understanding, see locust .Now in this blog we are here to discuss about running locust in distributive way. For a single machine it is not enough...

by Mayur Rastogi
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AWS RDS Aurora Replication with Mysql

In my previous post, we learnt about how to launch RDS Aurora instance. The storage space of RDS Aurora is automatically scalable up to 64 TB and the read scaling can be achieved by creating up to 15 replicas in the cluster. I had migrated database into RDS Aurora to avail fault tolerance feature. Once the migration was completed I came...

by Rajdeep Singh
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MongoDB Replica set using Docker Networking and Docker Compose

Recently, I got a chance to dockerize a traditional MongoDB replica set. Currently, I am doing it for QA and UAT environment where MongoDB replica set is setup on a single host. So, in this blog, we will do it on a single host using Docker Networking and Docker Compose. Scenario: Set up a MongoDB replica using version 3.0.5 set...

by Navjot Singh
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