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Angular’s $resource for CRUD Operations

$resouce is a perfect option to create a single page application which involve CRUD operations.You don't write your CRUD methods (create,read,update and delete) when you use it. A RESTful web service with one endpoint for a data type that does different things with that data type based on HTTP methods like GET, POST, PUT, DELETE,...

by Rubi Saini
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Defining custom errors – NodeJS

Any well written piece of code should be defensive by nature with defensive error handling understanding that things could go wrong. Things would be great if we can define our own custom error classes which we can pass or throw in order to distinguish various errors. Custom error constructors helps in: ⇒   Identifying...

by Kushal Likhi
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LESS is More

Ok Now, CSS is fine and all but it is a tedious process to cover all the different states and selectors. And if your Stylesheets are un-organized like mine(confession?) then you would know it is painful, any change breaks so many things and when it doesn't you know you have missed a couple of selectors that need to be updated. So in...

by Manoj Nama
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Create Basic HTTP Server with Node.js

Like other languages(Java, php), we do not need to set up any Apache HTTP server. With Node, things are a bit different, with Node.js, we not only implement our application, we also implement the whole HTTP server. In fact, our web application and its web server are basically the same. Lets create a basic Node HTTP server. First let's...

by Amit Kumar
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