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AngularJS vs. ReactJS: How the Two Compare?

Product companies have evolved over the last few years. While some years back, the focus was on going to market with the best features, the game has shifted to user experience today! With multiple products launching similar functionalities, it is very difficult to stand out against the competitors with features alone. It is the intuitive...

by Nidhi Choudhary
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Integration of Google Map APIs

Software engineers and organisations lookout for effective ways to create new applications that save time and money. We can easily do this by using third-party APIs and SDKs. This blog talks about a useful Google Map API. I am working on a project based on Routing and live tracking of a driver's vehicle. Consider a scenario where a...

by Mahima Agrawal
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‘resolve’ property in angular

Now a days , angular ui-router is being used actively for maintaining routes in angular applications. In my current project, I came across a use case in which I had to perform certain checks before executing certain route mapping. For example lets consider the most basic situation in which we want to directly show dashboard route in case...

by Rubi Saini
Tag: routing