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Analyzing Fads : What Makes ‘Swag’ so ‘Swaggy’?

With the advent of social media especially Twitter & Google, terms "trend" and "fad” are being used interchangeably which is terribly wrong on their part. This is not a play on semantics as there is a marked difference between them. We don’t need to look no further than Music Industry which is originator of most of the fads...

by Mansi Dawar
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Integrate SwaggerUI with spring boot application

Hi Guys, In this artical we learn how to integrate SwaggerUI with spring boot application. Basically 'SwaggerUI' is used to serves documentation of an REST API and another most powerfull feature is, it provides a way to enable developer to play around the REST API without having write any code. Steps to Integrate SwaggerUI :- ...

by Ashu Kohli
Tag: swagger