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Moving to Angular 5? Find out Yay or Nay!

AngularJS is quickly evolving and we have witnessed two major updates in the past 14 months. Now, this popular JavaScript framework has set a new milestone with its major release of Angular 5.0 on November 1, 2017. The progressive web apps and material design powered by Google will be however available in the next few days. The...

by Nidhi Choudhary
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AngularJS, Front End Development

Angular 2 vs Angular 4 – Which One Fits Your Frontend Development Requirement?

Introduction The year 2015-2017 saw a host of new frameworks from the house of JavaScript. Though several of their offerings did fail to make a resounding impact, Angular and React survived the test of time to become the go to frameworks for successful Angular development. With several frameworks have made headway in the world of...

by Poulomi Nag
Tag: TypeScript

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TypeScript – A Primer

The evolution of JavaScript from merely a scripting language to a general purpose programming  language is indicative of the Atwood Law. JavaScript is a multi-paradigm object based language with roots in C, Java, Self and Scheme. It was designed to be relaxed i.e. without a static type system. This in my opinion is a perfect rationale...

by Ravi Shankar Tiwari
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