Anand Rai

Android, Java

A Convenient way to convert JSON to business entity : GSON – Part1

Before swimming in Gson, I think we should take a bath with JSON. So What is JSON? These days JSON is set as standard for transmitting data between servers and web applications, known as Java Script object notation is a lightweight data interchange format. Now Gson is a java library provided by Google to convert to/from Java to...


Android, Mobility

Great User Experience with Contextual Action Bar (CAB)

Now we are going to learn a new interesting thing. In Android versions before 3.0, we have seen all apps having context menu for showing menu, when user long presses item that means long press is only used for showing contextual menu. But Android 3.0 changed the long press gesture. It's used for handling multiple selections. What is...



Introduction to RoboGuice with a brief example

Have you heard about RoboGuice? Well, don't be surprised. It is now getting familiar like other things in Android development. RoboGuice uses Google Guice library, a simple framework and easy-to-use dependency injection to Android. Just think about casting a view using findViewById() and it is so necessary, for which you have a one...



Android Notifications with Images and Text Together

We all love notifications of android applications and its notification bar. But it would be much better if we can show the user the rich notifications instead of those boring text notifications. But it is not simple task that it sounds to be. The problem is, when we try to display image with text then what we get only image or text...