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Our experience through GIDS16 in Bengaluru

I know it’s too late, almost 2 weeks, since the GIDS16 (Great Indian Developer Summit 2016) ended - But the thought that "it’s better to be late than never" is motivating me to write down this post. It was a 5 days event - initial 4 days in Bengaluru and the last day in Pune. We attended day 2, 3 and 4 in Bengaluru. It featured...

by Salil
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Big Data

Cassandra Authentication and Create User

Introduction : The Apache Cassandra database is the right choice when you need scalability and high availability without compromising performance. Not having to distinguish between a Master and a Slave node allows you to add any number of machines to any cluster in any datacenter, without having to worry about what type of machine you...

by Rohit Verma
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Big Data

Consistent Hashing? What the heck is that…..

Hashing is one of the main concepts that we are introduced to as we start off as a basic programmer. Be it 'data structures' or simple ‘object’ notion - hashing has a role to play everywhere. But when it comes to Big Data - like every thing else, the hashing mechanism is also exposed to some challenges which we generally don’t...

by Surendra Pratap Singh
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Getting up and Running With Cassandra

Luckily, I got some time outside my usual obligations in the project, to learn something new and I devoted the time to getting up and running with cassandra . Getting starting up with it was a bit bumpy, as the case almost always is when you start with something entirely new. Lets get Started.. 1) First step of course is to get the...

by Sachin
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