Boosting Drupal 9 Performance: A Step-by-Step Optimisation Guide

Introduction In today's fast-paced digital landscape, ensuring optimal website performance is paramount for user satisfaction and search engine rankings. Drupal 9, a powerful content management system, offers many features. However, it is crucial to optimise its performance for your site's success. In this blog post, we will explore...

by Vinni Kadyan
Tag: performance


The Most Awaited Feature “SQL Joins” is Now Available in MongoDB 3.2

SQL Joins are used to combine documents/rows from 2 or more tables based upon common field present in them. MongoDB 3.2 launched the most awaited feature "Joins" which is supported in SQL database however was not present in the earlier version of MongoDB. This feature will change the way you design your database schema and application...

by Pawan Kumar Goyal
Tag: performance

DevOps, Technology

Install and Configure SAR on Ubuntu

Monitoring servers are very important for every server administrator. There are some command line tools available to monitor server resource usages like top, vmstat, etc. Why ? SAR or sar provides almost all the resource usages reports which we get from many different tools at one place but more importantly is could keep...

by Nitin Bhadauria
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Too Many Indexes May kill your DB performance

Everyone thinks of creating index, but nobody pays attention towards removing them once they are created and not required .Too many indexes or unnecessary index can degrade your DB performance. To Optimize indexes in mongo we need to understand following things : How indexes works in mongoDB: Let’s say we have created compound...

by Pawan Kumar Goyal
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Java, Software development

Java Bitwise Operator using efficiently to improve Performance

Many of us know the various operators available in Java. But do we really use them all efficiently. Here I am illustrating one simple example which can show the high performance gain with bitwise operatator than the standard solution. Lets calculate the mathematical expression xn i.e. x's power n. To solve this problem anyone can...

by Sandeep Gupta
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Node.js, Technology

Caching in NodeJs using Redis

Whenever we talk about nodejs development, the first thing that comes to our mind is managing concurrent requests in an efficient way. We can leverage our server performance and efficiency even more by providing a mechanism to cache it's processed data(response) which seldomly changes. Such as products list, country codes, application...

by Vibhor Kukreja
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Java, Technology

#Hazelcast : Enhance throughput of Java apps performance by optimization of object deserialization and distributed query

Hazelcast is a popular solution for In-Memory Data Grid that is often used with Databases in order to improve performance of applications, to distribute data across servers, clusters and geographies and to manage very large data sets. Here's a quick reference to integrate hazelcast with grails  . Since Hazelcast is a distributed...

by Bijoy Paul
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