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Getting Started With Azure Blob Service Using Grails

Many of you already know about Microsoft Azure, which is a cloud based computing platform infrastructure for deploying, and managing applications and services globally. One of its most useful service is the blob service, which is a service for storing large amounts of unstructured data, whether text or binary data which is easily...

by Sagar Mal Shankhala
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Auto compilation in java springboot application

To run springboot appllication there is a task "bootRun" which compile and run the application for one deployment lifecyle. This is good enough for the production, where auto compilation is not required. In the dev environment auto compilation is used to avoid recompilation. Also it is very much needed to speed up the development time...

by Sanchit
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Springboot Applications automation using Jenkins

Building compressed files of Springboot application is a tedious task and its continuous deployment using Jenkins is even more so. To simplify the above predicament, a new Gradle plugin in Jenkins has been used. So, our objective in this blog  is to make use of the relation between Gradle and Springboot. Let us take it further. ...

by Prakashul
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How to allow Cross Domain Ajax calls to an Application in Spring Boot Application

You can allow Cross Domain Ajax calls to an application by just registering a new filter and then configure it to Allow-Origin : {your domain's} or you can use a wild card "*"  to allow the calls from all domains. You can even Define the Custom Headers your application supports by defining them in a comma separated format ,...

by Ekansh Rastogi
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Integrating SpringBoot with Gradle

Springboot support is provided by most of the build tools e.g. Gradle and Maven. Though grails 3.x comes with Springboot and gradle integration, there might come scenarios where you just want to create a very small and simple build that does specific task e.g. a build that will just run some threads and trigger some rabbitmq messages. Now...

by Vinay Prajapati
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